Thank you for sharing your book with me.  It was a completely harrowing read and it took me some time to even get up the nerve to read your story that I know so well in black and white.  It truly blows my mind that this can even happen although as you pointed out this type of slavery and mind control is prevalent in this country and throughout this world in an amount that would astonish most.  I felt your progressive solutions for dealing with these crimes could be a new way to look at dealing with this all to common crime and could even see you testifying in front of congress one day.  
I feel your story is one that is important to tell and because of your strength and perseverance it could serve as a strong beacon of hope to other survivors and show them that regardless of how hellish the experience one can rise up against their abuser, escape a mental and physical prison, and become a strong and successful woman like yourself.  This book could be a great inspiration.  
I applaud your strength and courage to relive these experiences and also offer a solution to dealing with criminals who perpetrate these vicious crimes and I hope that in bleeding it out onto paper it helps you in the way that I know it would others.  
- Reader from California


I first just wanted to thank you for allowing me to share in reading your manuscript. While of course difficult and torrential reading through it and thinking of you, I was honored to have this awareness and share in this small way in the painful as well as freeing emotions that arose reading through it. I don't think I've met anyone who has as much willpower and drive for life and freedom not only in surviving through all of this but in having the courage to approach and face it to find healing like this manuscript is evidence of.

-Psychologist from California


I cannot comprehend the monsters that are in our world and especially when it is by your own suppposed father. I was an EMT-I had a 3yo (same age as my daughter at that time) that was raped by her father's friend that I wanted to adopt after her 12 hours of reconstructive surgery. She had no family, will be baron for life. If I could find her to know she survived that horrible experience I would be overjoyed. Books and things like this can only make us stronger together. I will be an advocate for you and will be there if you need anything.We can support each other by just communicating and if I can help get your product out there I will. Thank you again and I am so glad I read that piece today. Keep strong and reach out to me anytime!!!

-Reader from Nevada


You have survivor's guilt. It happens to soldiers too. I am very sorry you had to go through that. I have never seen someone take on this topic like this and offer solutions. Good job.

-U.S. Airman


I was raped and I've never told a soul. I am so proud of you. This is an important book, and I will support you in any way I can.

-Reader from California


It takes so much courage to do what you've done. I will come with you to the Writers Conference to support what your doing.

-Marriage and Family Therapist from California


You definitely need to publish it!

-Reader from California


I am afraid for you. You can't do this alone. You need to network so you're not a target. You don't have to publish it. It helped you heal and that is what is important.

-Reader from Washington


It was nowhere near this bad, but I was abused [by a family member...] and my parents wouldn't believe me. Do you mind if a friend reads this?

-Reader from California